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 Part 1
So the night I took out H.O.W, the Do-gooder just told me that we were through (read here). By Monday I had put up many photos of H.O.W and my night out on the town. That Tuesday the Do-gooder hit me up on G chat because she was listening to Brand New and thought about me. Asked me how my weekend was but never brought up the pics. By now I realize I’m dealing with a 24 year old child and proceed as such. Played it cooler than the other side of the pillow. Thursday (last night) we were supposed to hangout if she wasn’t too busy and had plans. I texted her around 9:40 in between commercials during Burn Notice. It went like this. VK: What’s the word bird? DG: I’m at Spider Kelly’s with my new roommate and some new friends, are you out tonight? VK: nah, fell back, are we seeing each other or not? DG: I drove here about to go home. VK: Is that a No? Ok cool. DG: It’s probably for the best, we’re no good when we see each other. VK: Whatever you say, keep playing those games. Ima get back to Burn Notice.

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Roseville CA, CL

 Part 2
After that she calls me. And tells me she doesn’t want to see me and wants to stop communications between us. That’s right she called to tell me this. What a fucking head case. But I’m horny so I say, “I don’t believe you because you can’t say that to my face”. Her, “So if I say that to your face you’ll believe me”. Me, “yup”. Her, “Fine I’ll be over in 15 minutes. She shows up and I come down with an overnight parking pass. We start talking by her car. DG: I wont be needing that, I don’t plan on staying long. I came to say that I don’t’ really care about you, it was all sex, I don’t want to see you anymore. VK: (with a smile) Damn, you’re looking good, I haven’t seen you in a while, (two weeks). DG: Didn’t you just hear me, don’t try and charm me. VK: I’m not trying to charm you, with a body like that, I need a girl like you on my arm. I’m all up in her grill, my forehead on her forehead, I kiss her softly on the lips.

Covina Craigslist Site
Palo Alto Craigslist Listing

 Part 3
VK: What you didn’t miss me? DG: your cute and hot and your body is fine and all but it’s not going to work. You won’t get me to stay. (she turns her back to me) I step in closer with a boner pressing against her ass. Brush her hair to one side and whisper in her ear, “You know who’s this is, you know what I’m about, it’s already 11, now come get into my bed”. I step back and smack her ass, turn her around and kiss her again. Then I pick her up caveman style over my shoulder and walk towards my building. DG: Wait, stop I have to get my clothes. VK: You can sleep in my grey wife beater. DG: No my work clothes for tomorrow. VK: Wait you were talking all this shit for 45 minutes about not being with me and you packed clothes to stay the night? You know you’ve got issues right? DG: (She smiles), Don’t read too far into this, tomorrow I’m done with you, I just need a place to stay tonight.

Stockton CA Craigslist
Acampo Women Dating

 Part 4
On the elevator ride up to my floor she asks, DG: So who was that pretty girl in the dress on your FB. VK: I thought you didn’t care about me so what does it matter? DG: Oh, so you’re not going to tell me? VK: if I don’t matter to you then it doesn’t matter. She dropped her bags on my bedroom floor. I lit a candle in the center of the room. I took off my clothes and commenced to beating that pussy up. In the morning w did it again. She left saying nice knowing you. I told her I’d see her next Tuesday. I got to work and my ex Brazilian legs txted me, “What are you doing tonight, I’ll call you when I get off work”. Someone should bottle my swagger and sell that shit!

Bakersfield CA, USA
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